Pure - hand crafted soaps and soy wax candles, was established after a successful first attempt at making soy wax candles for my wedding. I found the process to be both eye opening and rewarding – It awakened my senses and opened up a whole new world of creating delicious scents and classic fragrant combinations. I have long been a lover of all things scented so handcrafting soaps to compliment the candles was a natural progression. Pure soaps smell Devine but are also filled with natural ingredients that are gentle and nourishing for your skin.
I have always preferred to use beauty and skincare products containing natural ingredients and this became even more important to me when I became pregnant. I wanted to use products without the many harsh chemicals that are packed into our everyday skincare products. After a considerable amount of research, I realised there was actually very little options available for soaps derived of completely natural ingredients. It wasn't until I had chatted with friends and family and found out that they were also having trouble locating similar products. It was then that I realised a niche in the market did infact exist. Hence Pure was born and what first started out as a pleasurable past time has now evolved into a business I’m incredibly passionate about.
​I hope you enjoy and benefit from Pure products as much as I love creating them!
Best wishes